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The Québec Charter of Values, often misrepresented as a “charter of secularism”, was a bill introduced by the Parti Québécois in Québec in 2013, in an attempt to foster political divisiveness by appealing to xenophobia. When the Parti Québécois lost the 2014 election, the bill died.

Religious accessories bans are wrong: The secularism lie

by | April 15, 2019

The most popular argument for religious accessories bans – for many, the only argument for religious accessories bans – is that they are in some way related to secularism. They’re not. In fact, quite the opposite.

Religious accessories bans are not secularism

by | September 29, 2017

The Québec Liberals are once again floating the idea of a bill banning the wearing of religious accessories in public spaces. It’s a transparently political ploy, as the idea always has been, but depressingly, a lot of atheists have been hoodwinked into believing that it actually makes some kind of sense. Some even believe that… Read more »

Weekly Update: to

by | February 11, 2017

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for 4-Feb-2017 to 10-Feb-2017.

“Hate Quebec, Hate Secularism”

by | February 6, 2016

Full disclosure: As David Rand says, I am David’s “friend and colleague” and a member of Atheist Freethinkers. However, if I thought David’s points about the way Canadian Atheist and the rest of Canada (ROC) criticizes Quebec and Quebec secularism were unfair, I would not hesitate to say so. In his latest post, “Hate Quebec,… Read more »