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by | February 11, 2017

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for to .

[An illustration of what looks like a nude male and a female with their legs tangled around each other like a pretzel.]

The “Toque Twist”, a Canadian sex position.

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Update: to

  1. Randy

    “We have some blatant examples of people on this blog trying to lump all Muslims together”

    Indeed, many of them ABOVE the comment section. The Pew polls are quite clear.

  2. Randy

    “Why not simply let marginalized groups within Islam speak for themselves?”

    Indeed. They oppose the veil.

  3. Randy

    “undocumented residents”

    The rise of the weasel word…

    Most or all of these people have documents. And their documents say they belong somewhere else, not here.

    I have no sympathy for people who come to our country and stay illegally. Millions have done it legally. So can they. Or they can get out.

  4. Randy

    The reason the attack on the mosque was so shocking is precisely because Islamophobia is not a thing. People who are opposed to Islam because of the clear and present danger it represents have no need or desire to shoot it up. You don’t DO the very thing you’re opposed to. It’s stupid.

    However, Islam itself leads to such actions, all around the world, which is why even the CBC first reported that one attacker had a Muslim name and shouted “allahu akbar” during the slaughter. It fits what happens, time and time again, every day ad nauseam, in Islamic terrorism.

    Political correctness must never be prioritized over data and facts.

  5. Randy

    “Trudeau’s decision to abandon electoral reform is very bad”

    Indeed. I’m (mostly) a socialist, but I will be voting Conservative next time. Wake me up when the other parties abandon political correctness, so I can come home.

  6. Tim Underwood

    A lot of talk about Islamophobia.

    As non-believers we are aware that there is no reason to believe in any of the monotheisms. Of course there are plenty of educated doctors and lawyers who do attest to the veracity of this harmful foolishness.

    Take Judaism for example. There is nothing original in their holy fables. It was entirely made up out of borrowed material stolen from more advanced cultures and then adapted to their own selfish, nationalistic expediencies.

    It is just as easy to dismiss Christianity and Islam on their own lack of merits, but keep in mind, these later two organizing events rest on the rickety foundations of Judaism.

    So our message to Islam is the same as it is to Judaism or Christianity. “Your stories are just stories. A lot of your stories are harmful as well as impossible, so go and find some better stories. Don’t expect us to take you seriously.”

    1. Indi Post author

      > So our message to Islam is the same as it is to Judaism or Christianity.

      If that were true, then we wouldn’t have a problem. But it’s not true; many nonbelievers single out Islam as somehow uniquely problematic, and most blame that on the religion itself, rather on economic and political realities… completely ignoring the evidence that Muslims in prosperous and peaceful areas are not substantively different from any other religion in the same circumstances, and other religious believers in troubling conditions are frequently every bit as nasty as the worst Muslims. Right now in the world there are Buddhists conducting ethnic cleansing, and extremist Hindus edging toward a takeover of society.

      Islam is not “worse” than other religions; all religions are bad, and given the same economic, social, and political triggers, any religion could produce an ISIS. The fact that it usually happens to be Islam is simply a function of the sheer size of Islam and the proportion of its adherents in bad conditions (which are usually and have historically been forced on them by *Christians*).

      Singling out Islam as uniquely evil does not change those facts, and thus won’t do anything toward fixing any problems. Changing the conditions that make areas ripe for spawning extremism will not only undercut *Islamic* extremism, it will undercut *all* religious extremism. And we can do that more effectively if we’re not calling the people we’re trying to help “barbarians”.


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