In Conversation with Professor Colleen MacQuarrie on Abortion Rights Activism

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Professor Colleen MacQuarrie is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Prince Edward Island. Also, she is a media contact for the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada. Here we talk about abortion rights activism. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You have worked in … Continue reading

Humanism, Poets, and Peshawar

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen In Peshawar, there are poets who advocate for humanism in the literary world. To many youths who have grown up in a system with humanistic values — Unitarian Universalist, secular humanist, humanist, humanist Judaism, ethical culture, ethical society, ethical humanism, and on, and on and on, … Continue reading

CFI-Portland Branch Manager on Attractions, Activities, and Outreach for the Skeptically Inquiring

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Nicole Orr is the branch manager for CFI–Portland. Working with youth has always been very important to her. In her teens, Nicole was an assistant team leader for a Search and Rescue Unit. There, she taught young people wilderness survival skills, as well as crime scene protocols. … Continue reading

Yvan Dheur on Humanism in Europe

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You’ve spoken on humanism in Europe. My common assumption is Europe is more non-believing than other areas of the world. Is it more humanistic as well? I would assert the fact, but want to make sure. Yvan Dheur: Yes and no. Non-believers, humanists, atheists, secularists, … Continue reading

An Interview with Danielle Erika Hill Conference Director – The 2017 Asian Humanism Conference

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: So we’ve been talking off-tape a little bit about demographics and the situation in the Philippines, and political and religious issues. But first, I want to take a step back and ask, “Do you have a background in humanism or non-belief? How did … Continue reading

In Conversation with Joyce Arthur – Founder and Executive Director, Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Joyce Arthur is the Founder and Executive Director of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada. She has been an abortion rights and pro-choice activist since 1998. Arthur worked for 10 years running the Pro-Choice Action Network. In addition to these accomplishments, she founded FIRST or the first … Continue reading

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