Concerns for Safety Among the French Ex-Muslim Community

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  Waleed Al-Husseini founded the Council of Ex-Muslims of France. He escaped the Palestinian Authority after torture and imprisonment in Palestine to Jordan and then France. He is a friend. Here we talk about secularism in France in 2018, the status of the Council of Ex-Muslims of France, new books, … Continue reading

More on the Meaning of Backlash Movements with Faisal Saeed Al Mutar

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Faisal Saeed Al Mutar founded the Global Secular Humanist Movement and Ideas Beyond Borders. He is an Iraqi refugee, satirist, and human rights activist. He is also a columnist for Free Inquiry. Here, we continue to talk about the meaning of backlash movements. Jacobsen: So, before, we talked … Continue reading

Q&A on Ex-Muslims with Waleed Al-Husseini — Session 1

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Waleed Al-Husseini founded the Council of Ex-Muslims of France. He escaped from the Palestinian Authority to Jordan and then to France, after torture and imprisonment in Palestine. He is an ex-Muslim and an atheist. In this educational series, we talk about the situation of ex-Muslims in France. … Continue reading

Professor Matt Sheedy on Theories of Secularism and Atheism

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: As a lecturer at the University of Manitoba and a visiting assistant professor of Canadian Studies at the Universität Bonn, what tasks and responsibilities come along with the positions? What are your favorite courses to teach at the University of Manitoba? Dr. Matt Sheedy: Having recently completed … Continue reading

Weekly Update: to

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for 10-Mar-2018 to 16-Mar-2018.

Anouar Majid Talks About Islam and the West

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Anouar Majid is the Founder and Editor for Tingis Magazine. Majid has authored several books on Islam and the West, and has been on Bill Moyers Journal and Al Jazeera television. He is the Founding Director of the Center for Global Humanities. Here we talk about Islam and the West. Scott Douglas … Continue reading

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