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Regular weekly roundups of items that might be of interest to Canadian Atheist readers.

Weekly Update: 4-Jun-2022 to 10-Jun-2022

by | June 4, 2022

There was no Weekly Update for the last two weeks, so there’s a lot of catch-up to do here.

Weekly Update: 7-May-2022 to 13-May-2022

by | May 14, 2022

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for 7-May-2022 to 13-May-2022.

Weekly Update: 30-Apr-2022 to 6-May-2022

by | May 8, 2022

Last week, Weekly Update took an unscheduled break largely due to the fact that there wasn’t really anything all that interesting to report. I also expected this week would be a busy week with the start of the Ontario election campaigning. So I decided to take the opportunity to take a break before the rush.

Weekly Update: 9-Apr-2022 to 15-Apr-2022

by | April 16, 2022

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for 9-Apr-2022 to 15-Apr-2022.