“Hate Quebec, Hate Secularism”

Full disclosure: As David Rand says, I am David’s “friend and colleague” and a member of Atheist Freethinkers. However, if I thought David’s points about the way Canadian Atheist and the rest of Canada (ROC) criticizes Quebec and Quebec secularism were unfair, I would not hesitate to say so. In … Continue reading

“‘Interfaith’ Symposium in Lindsay”

Pierre Thibault, a member of Atheist Freethinkers, attended the Interfaith Symposium that was held in Linsday, Ontario on November 21. Thibault has written a post on the event: On Saturday, November 21st 2015, AFT President, David Rand and I attended an “interfaith” symposium organized by the religious community, and our … Continue reading

Blasphemy Laws: Canadian Point of View

Canadian Atheist is pleased to present the first of the NicolSD videos from the Non-Conference 2015. Eric Thomas, President of Humanist Canada; Doug Thomas, President of Secular Connexion Séculaire; Christine Shellska, President of Atheist Alliance International; David Rand, President of Atheist Freethinkers (Libres penseurs athées) take part in what the organizer, Spencer Lucas, calls “The Panel of … Continue reading

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