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The Québec Charter of Values, often misrepresented as a “charter of secularism”, was a bill introduced by the Parti Québécois in Québec in 2013, in an attempt to foster political divisiveness by appealing to xenophobia. When the Parti Québécois lost the 2014 election, the bill died.

“Secularism Betrayed: A Summary”

by | June 24, 2015

Guest post by David Rand This is a summary of the three-part series of blogs “Secularism Betrayed” available on my website: David Rand’s Blog: In late 2013, the government of Quebec introduced major draft legislation — a Charter of Secularism — which would have formally and officially declared Quebec to be secular. Unfortunately the proposed… Read more »

God Keep Our Land, Secular and Free, if You Don’t Mind

by | February 2, 2015

Guest post by Chloë-Lynne Adriaans Grade 12 student   The room stills. All present wait together, one baited breath, a unity of expectation. The man in the suit, the center of all attention shifts almost imperceptibly. He’s sweating lightly, beneath his expensive suit, but his expression is one of cool confidence. He’s practiced; it’s painted… Read more »

I Am Bernard Drainville

by | January 14, 2015

CBC News Montreal reports “Bernard Drainville set to release new secular charter proposal.” According to CBC, Drainville is set to introduce Thursday what he’s calling “Charter 2.0” this week, to regulate issues like secularism in the public service. It is no secret that I supported the earlier Quebec Charter of Values. I will continue to… Read more »

Secularism Delayed

by | August 25, 2014

It has been a while since the Charter of Quebec Values has been discussed on these pages. Each post on the topic prompted a flurry of comments for and against the “Charter.” David Rand, President, Atheist Freethinkers, opens the discussion again with an article, “Secularism Delayed,” posted on the Atheist Freethinkers website. While the PQ suffered a… Read more »

The Charter is Dead. Long Live the Charter!

by | April 28, 2014

“The Charter is Dead. Long Live the Charter!” is the title of  David Rand’s latest article on the Atheist Freethinkers website. The first part of the title makes it clear With the crushing defeat of the PQ in the recent elections, the secular Charter proposed by the outgoing government is now dead. However, we would… Read more »

Charter Or No Charter, Quebec Will Be Just Fine

by | April 4, 2014

Even as the upcoming provincial election in Quebec appears to be slipping away from the Parti Québécois, the PQ’s Quebec Charter of Values continues to fan the flames of controversy within and beyond the borders of la belle province. Most of the discussion that I’ve seen, at least, has focussed like a laser on the… Read more »