Secularism Delayed

It has been a while since the Charter of Quebec Values has been discussed on these pages. Each post on the topic prompted a flurry of comments for and against the “Charter.” David Rand, President, Atheist Freethinkers, opens the discussion again with an article, “Secularism Delayed,” posted on the Atheist … Continue reading

The Charter is Dead. Long Live the Charter!

“The Charter is Dead. Long Live the Charter!” is the title of  David Rand’s latest article on the Atheist Freethinkers website. The first part of the title makes it clear With the crushing defeat of the PQ in the recent elections, the secular Charter proposed by the outgoing government is … Continue reading

Charter Or No Charter, Quebec Will Be Just Fine

Even as the upcoming provincial election in Quebec appears to be slipping away from the Parti Québécois, the PQ’s Quebec Charter of Values continues to fan the flames of controversy within and beyond the borders of la belle province. Most of the discussion that I’ve seen, at least, has focussed … Continue reading

Aspects of Anti-Charter Propaganda

In the Atheist Freethinkers’ Blog # 42, David Rand, addresses some aspects of the anti-Charter propaganda: In the discourse, or rather the propaganda, of those who oppose the new Quebec Charter of secularism as proposed by Bill 60, a number of recurring themes can be identified. Here are a few of … Continue reading

Secularism: A Separatist Trojan Horse

I think the government should remain neutral when it comes to religion. But excluding people… for no other reason… than their religion, is not secularism. The politics of exclusion always cloak themselves in the idea of protection. In the case of Quebec, the separatists have been playing a protection racket … Continue reading

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