Simon Parcher on “Humanist Perspectives”

by | July 9, 2024

Simon Parcher is the President and Executive Director of Canadian Humanist Publications, publisher of Humanist Perspectives Magazine. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Today, we are here with Simon Parcher. We will be talking about Humanist Perspectives, a humanist publication in Canada. It’s the only major Canadian humanist magazine. How did you first get involved in Humanist Perspectives, and… Read more »

Tauya Chinama on Witchcraft Allegations in Zimbabwe

by | June 29, 2024

Tauya Chinama is a Zimbabwean born philosopher, Humanist, apatheist, academic researcher and educator. He is also into human rights struggles as the founding leader of a Social Democrats Association (SODA) a youth civic movement which lobbies and advocates for the inclusion and recognition of the young people into decision making processes and boards throughout the country… Read more »

Wonderful Mkhutche on Witchcraft Allegations and Malawian Humanism

by | June 26, 2024

Wonderful Mkhutche is Humanists Malawi’s Executive Director. Humanists Malawi is the only humanist organisation in Malawi and fights against witchcraft based violence as well as promoting rationalism in approach to public affairs. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: So, today we’re here with Wonderful Mkhutche. When it comes to Malawian free thought, what are some contexts people should… Read more »