In Conversation with Justin Trottier – Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Men and Families

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Justin Trottier is Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Men and Families, a men’s health and social service facility. The Centre is an open, inclusive and space serving as a hub for counselling, legal aid, fathering programs and trauma support groups. He is Founder of the … Continue reading

Catholic Apologist Explains Catholic Schools

Catholic apologist and academic Christian Elia appeared on Sun News Network’s June 17th  episode of Holy War to discuss/debate “prostitution, Catholic teachers in Pride, and more” with secularist Justin Trottier.  In an answer to a question from Michael Coren, Elia attempted to explain and justify Catholic schools: The reason why … Continue reading

An Impotent God?: Canada’s Constitutional Preamble

Think Again! TV presents the Centre for Inquiry Canada Production: “An Impotent God?: Canada’s Constitutional Preamble”: The video features constitutional lawyer, author, professor, and former Liberal Party of Canada leadership candidate Deborah Coyne, and Justin Trottier, Producer and Host of Think Again! TV as they discuss the question How did God … Continue reading

“Is There a God?” Debate

The video of the first debate in Chesterton Debate Series is now available on video. On February 7, 2014, at a sold out Isabel Bader Theatre, Fr. Philip Cleevely, C.O. (Catholic priest and philosophy professor) and Justin Trottier (founder of the Centre for Inquiry Canada) argued the question, “Is There … Continue reading

Catholic School Board Systematically Breaking the Law, Complaint Alleges

On March 11, CFI Canada issued the following media release: MEDIA ADVISORY – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Catholic School Board Systematically Breaking the Law, Complaint Alleges Centre for Inquiry (CFI) calls on Ontario government to defund religious schools TORONTO, ONTARIO — (March 11, 2014) – The Mississauga Catholic School Board is … Continue reading

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