Ask Kwabena 2 – Organizational Duties, Public Flak, and Outreach

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Kwabena “Michael” Osei-Assibey is the President of the Humanist Association of Ghana. We will be conducting this educational series to learn more about humanism and secularism within Ghana. Here we talk about divvying-up tasks, flak from some of the public, and then outreach, too. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: In terms … Continue reading

Interview with Richael – Media/Social Media Working Group, Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC)

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Richael is with the Media/Social Media Working Group of the Abortion Rights Coalition. Here we speak frankly on women’s reproductive rights. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: As a grassroots movement oriented around the advancement and empowerment of women through activism for safe, free, and equitable abortions, do other similar … Continue reading

Ask Annie Laurie 2 – Secular Women’s Leadership and 21st-Century Men

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Annie Laurie Gaylor is the Co-President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) with Dan Barker. She has been part of the fight against the encroachment of religion on secular culture, and human and women’s rights for decades. Here we talk about secular women in leadership and … Continue reading

Interview with Emma Duke – Board Director of Communications, Abortion Support Services Atlantic

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Emma Duke is the Board Director of Communications on the Board of Directors of the Abortion Support Services Atlantic (Halifax, Nova Scotia). Here we talk about her life, work, and views. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: For the abortion services in the Atlantic, what are the important points to … Continue reading

Ask Rob 1 – Non-Holy Writ, or Secular Lit: Lighting the Fire of Freethought

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Rob Boston is the Editor of Church & State (Americans United for Separation of Church and State). Here we talk about freethinking literature. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Let’s start with some general historical context for this series, what were some of the earliest sources of freethinking writing in … Continue reading

Interview with Administrator of “Ex-Muslims of India”

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Here we talk with the Administrator of “Ex-Muslims of India.” Scott Douglas Jacobsen: For those leaving Islam in India, what are the main difficulties for them? Administrator, “Ex-Muslims of India”: Well, to be honest, the main difficulties be it Muslims in India or Muslims elsewhere is the … Continue reading

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