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Public Funding of Catholic Schools in Ontario

by | July 17, 2015

Last week, Indi published a post on the results of a Forum Poll on public support for the public funding of Ontario Catholic schools. In response to Diana MacPherson’s comment, I said, Please suggest to anyone who does not realize that all Ontario taxpayers support all four Ontario school systems to contact me using the… Read more »

On This Day . . .

by | July 14, 2015

Early this morning, EDT, Norm Kelly, City of Toronto Councillor, sent out this tweet: On this day in 1976, the House of Commons passed Bill C-84 which abolished the death penalty in Canada. The last execution in Canada took place on December 11, 1962 at the Don Jail in Toronto. h/t: Ian Bushfield

The Myth Of Multiculturalism

by | July 12, 2015

Ian Bushfield, humanist and secularist, is between countries and between jobs, but it is obvious his thoughts are with Canada and the BC Humanist Association. In anticipation of returning to Vancouver at the end of July and reassuming his role as executive director of BC Humanists, Bushfield has critiqued Humanist Canada’s response to Canada’s Truth… Read more »

Recommended Reading

by | July 8, 2015

Two articles published this month deal with topics recently discussed on Canadian Atheist. The first article, “The Myth of Religious Obligations,” addresses secularism and state neutrality, topics that were debated in the comments to “’Secularism Betrayed: A Summary.’” The thesis of “The Myth of Religious Obligations” is There is no such thing as a religious… Read more »