Alain Sayson Presillas on Humanism in the Philippines

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: How did you come to find the humanist movement in the Philippines? Alain Sayson Presillas: I only found out about humanism online. By joining atheist groups and eventually leading me to the humanist movement. Jacobsen: What have been some of the major obstacles in personal … Continue reading

Iraqi Atheists Arrested for Atheism

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Al-Monitor reported on the arrests sent out for Iraqis charged with the crime of atheism. The charges come through the Dhi Qar province Garraf district judiciary. Atheism as a crime gained lots of social media attention. Some argue this is against the rights of the Iraqis. The … Continue reading

An Interview with Karen Loethen — Previous Member, Meramec Secular Student Alliance — Part 1

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is family background — geography, culture, language, religion/irreligion, and education? Karen Loethen: Thanks, Scott. I come from a small town in Illinois, just your basic homogeneously white, lower-income Christian small town. My family didn’t really practice religion much until I was in my younger … Continue reading

Bishop George Kuhn on the Catholic Universalist Church of the Philippines

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: How did you become a Catholic Universalist? Bishop George Kuhn: became a Universalist in my early teens having heard a sermon by a Roman Catholic priest I admired a lot. I questioned him about it and he made it clear that eventually all would … Continue reading

Abiodun Sanusi on Being a Freethinker in Nigeria

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You are 23. How did you come to be a freethinker in a religious family, in a familial setting of 6? Abiodun Sanusi: Yes, I became a freethinker through rigorous vigorous reading and thinking. Although I was very active in the Anglican church I attended … Continue reading

In Conversation with Melissa Krawczyk – Atheist, Secular Humanist, and Skeptic

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Melissa Krawczyk is an atheist, skeptic, and secular humanist by worldview and science mom, Arabic speaker in training, and author-to-be by professions, and has worked in a variety of domains including materials and engineering science, ergonomics consulting, and skincare. Here we talk about her work, views, and … Continue reading

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