“It’s Time to Scrap Southie’s St. Patrick’s Parade”

According to Margery Eagan, columnist for the Boston Herald, “It’s time to get rid of ” the  South Boston St. Patrick’s Parade: This supposed celebration of Irish pride and culture has instead become a paean to bigotry. It’s an embarrassment to Boston. It should embarrass Irish-Americans. . . . Where … Continue reading

Gay Catholic Student Speaks Out

In 2012, the Government of Ontario passed Bill 13, the Accepting Schools Act, which prohibits Catholic schools from denying students the right to start GSAs (Gay Straight Alliance student groups). The Think Again! TV video below features an exclusive interview with Christopher Karas, who submitted a guest post to Canadian Atheist … Continue reading

“G.K. [Chesterton] and the God Debate”

One of the organizers of the first debate in the Chesterton Debate Series: “Is There a God?” draws attention to Peter Stockland’s Catholic Register article on the debate by quoting from Stockland’s article and asking, “Instead of drinking bottled water, [Trottier and Fr. Cleevely] should have had a welcoming table … Continue reading

“Spaghetti Monster” Poster Offensive to Religion

According to the website Politics.co.uk, a “‘Spaghetti Monster’ poster [was] banned for being offensive to religion.” Secular students at a London university have had a poster featuring a ‘flying spaghetti monster’ banned by union officials, out of fear it would cause offence to religious students. Oh, the poor religious students: … Continue reading

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