This Week in Religion 2018-03-11

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen “VANCOUVER — Jaspreet Bal was eating lunch with friends in rural Ontario when she says a “kind, well-intentioned” white man approached them to chat. He asked about her background, and she replied she was Sikh. “Oh yeah, Air India,” he said, recognition flashing in his eyes. Bal … Continue reading

International Women’s Day in Canada

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  Canada seems poised for a proper celebratory day, today March 8, for International Women’s Day. Of course, this allies with two other days: Women’s Equality Day, and Women’s History Month. These mark important celebrations for women throughout the world with a recognized day. Canada remains an important proponent of … Continue reading

Interview with Frances Garner – Member, Central Ontario Humanists

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  Frances Garner is a Member of the Central Ontario Humanists. I wanted to gain some more of the smaller stories, especially those with novel perspectives and experiences apart from the international figures who travel the lecture circuit and repeat the same arguments and talking points, often, and the … Continue reading

This Week in Religion 2018-03-04

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  “OTTAWA — The Conservative Party decided early Thursday not to proceed with a House of Commons motion that a Canadian Sikh organization says labels its community as “terrorists.” The Canadian Sikh Association posted on its social media channels Thursday morning that they were thankful the Tories had backed … Continue reading

A Call from the World Sikh Organization of Canada (WSO)

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  The World Sikh Organization of Canada (WSO) made a call asking for some help on March 1 in an email. I received it. In solidarity with the WSO and the Canadian Sikh community, especially knowing of some narratives marked within the Canadian conscience and historical record including … Continue reading

In Conversation with Dr. Steven Tomlins – Researcher, Canadian Atheism and Nonreligious Identities

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen I read about some of the research done by Dr. Steven Tomlins for the non-religious community in Canada, or on the irreligious community in Canada more properly. I reached out and, as with other articles, felt this may be something of interest to the community: his … Continue reading

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