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Alberta Parents Vote to Keep Prayer in School

by | October 6, 2015

There has been an on-going debate in Alberta about the Lord’s Prayer and I wrote about it some time ago. Recently, parents in Busby, Alberta voted to keep the Christian prayer in the public classroom. To me this is preposterous – not because I’m an atheist and secularist, but because one cannot simply vote away… Read more »

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Comparing Constitutions

by | January 17, 2015

Good humoured one-upmanship is fun and healthy.  It helps us laugh at topics we usually take seriously. Canadian secularists and atheists are serious about making the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms a completely secular document because they object to the inclusion of a deity in the Charter’s preamble Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that… Read more »

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An Impotent God?: Canada’s Constitutional Preamble

by | May 7, 2014

Think Again! TV presents the Centre for Inquiry Canada Production: “An Impotent God?: Canada’s Constitutional Preamble”: The video features constitutional lawyer, author, professor, and former Liberal Party of Canada leadership candidate Deborah Coyne, and Justin Trottier, Producer and Host of Think Again! TV as they discuss the question How did God find its way into the… Read more »

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