This Week in Religion 2017-12-17

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen   “As debate over religious schools continues in Canadian courts and legislatures, a new poll has found that 61 per cent of Canadians support full or partial public funding for faith-based schools. The Angus Reid Institute survey found that 31 per cent of respondents believe religious schools … Continue reading

Justice, Fairness, Compassion and the Criminal Justice System of Canada

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Something of note: the Canadian Criminal Justice System opened for suggested reforms, “The Government of Canada is undertaking a broad review of Canada’s Criminal Justice System to ensure that it is just, compassionate and fair, and promotes a safe, peaceful and prosperous Canadian society” (Government of … Continue reading

Indefinite Delay in Ecclesiastical Court Hearing for Minister Gretta Vosper

Image Credit: PxHere. By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Minister Gretta Vosper is in the news, once more, circa November 14, as the ongoing review of suitability for the position in the United Church of Canada has been delayed, indefinitely (Perkel, 2017). It has been postponed, without a reason or a specified date to … Continue reading

Moratorium on Catholic School Construction

Image Credit: PxHere. By Scott Douglas Jacobsen ourIDEA is calling for a moratorium on Catholic school construction. A press release was published today (ourIDEA, 2017a). They make an explicit series of calls. Former Alberta Education Minister David King has made the call. Earlier in November, he made a petition calling … Continue reading

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