Justine Nelson on the Pipeline Issues

Justine Nelson is a collaborator and friend on volunteer projects, especially writing (here and here) over more than a year or two now. Collaborations started after a smudging ceremony. Nelson is the Coordinator for the PIPE UP Network, works with a variety of non-profits, and an M.Ed. student studying Education for Sustainability. … Continue reading

Another Call from the World Sikh Organization

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen The World Sikh Organization (WSO) of Canada continues its activism with the ongoing smearing of the Sikh community at large. Note, this does not amount to Sikhophobia. Rather, it comes to anti-Sikh bigotry, individuals with religious beliefs not religion. There have hundreds of articles in the media … Continue reading

This Week in Religion 2018-03-11

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen “VANCOUVER — Jaspreet Bal was eating lunch with friends in rural Ontario when she says a “kind, well-intentioned” white man approached them to chat. He asked about her background, and she replied she was Sikh. “Oh yeah, Air India,” he said, recognition flashing in his eyes. Bal … Continue reading

International Women’s Day in Canada

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  Canada seems poised for a proper celebratory day, today March 8, for International Women’s Day. Of course, this allies with two other days: Women’s Equality Day, and Women’s History Month. These mark important celebrations for women throughout the world with a recognized day. Canada remains an important proponent of … Continue reading

“Is Christianity or Secular Humanism a better foundation for human rights?”

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  There was a recent conversation entitled “Is Christianity or Secular Humanism a better foundation for human rights?: A conversation Between a Christian and a Secular Humanist.” Steve Kim was the moderator of the conversation. Kim earned “a diploma in Worship Arts and a BA in Biblical Studies from Columbia … Continue reading

In Conversation with the President of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, John Carpay, B.A., LL.B.

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  John Carpay, B.A., LL.B., is the President of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. Here we talk about some of his work. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What was family background regarding language, culture, geography, and religion/irreligion? John Carpay: Born in the Netherlands; came to Canada at age 7; grew … Continue reading

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