The 2017 strategy

I’ve already talked about what’s planned for Canadian Atheist in 2017. But now I want to widen the scope, and talk strategy for 2017 in general.

Weekly Update: to

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for 31-Dec-2016 to 6-Jan-2017.

Saskatchewan Government: Stop Promoting Christianity

Centre for Inquiry Canada, Christian and non-Christian Saskatchewan residents (and other concerned parties) are petitioning the Saskatchewan Government to end 1.Opening prayer in the legislature. 2. Christmas messages delivered by Premier Brad Wall on behalf of the Saskatchewan Party that identify Christianity as superior to other beliefs and non-belief. Brad Wall’s … Continue reading

Separation of Church & State in Canada II

Diana MacPherson’s  May 2014 post “Separation of Church & State in Canada” continues to be a popular Canadian Atheist post, so it’s time to add to the discussion with an example of a blatant breach of the separation of church and state. On December 23, Centre for Inquiry Canada posted … Continue reading

Canada’s Blasphemy Law

Today, Rob Breakenridge retweeted a tweet from Scott Gilmore which reads Mocking religions should be illegal according to Montreal Muslim Council The article to which Gilmore refers, “Ridiculiser les religions devrait être puni, selon le Conseil musulman de Montréal,” published in Actualité in August 2015, can be translated as “Ridiculing … Continue reading

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