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The Problem of Evil

by | November 26, 2019

By James Haught James Haught is editor of West Virginia’s largest newspaper, The Charleston Gazette, and a senior editor of Free Inquiry. He is 87-years-old and would like to help secular causes more. This series is a way of giving back. — I live in the edge of the woods, in a two-house compound with a son, daughter-in-law… Read more »

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The God Distraction: Introduction

by | September 5, 2017

Over on YouTube, Mr. Deity has been slowly working on a series for the past two years called the God Distraction. The premise is that he doesn’t care if God exists, and neither should you. The ultimate reason we shouldn’t care is because there is no evidence.

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Evangelist Claims God is Omniscient

by | April 4, 2016

Guest post by billybob In a debate between David Silverman and evangelist Frank Turek about the problem of evil, Turek stated that God is omniscient and knows all that has happened and will happen. Silverman made the point that if God knows all and the future is fixed then Adam had no choice but to… Read more »

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“Theology, It’s as Simple as God + God = 3”

by | November 12, 2015

The quote, “Theology, It’s as Simple as God + God = 3,” by Jacques Prévert, heads the latest article by Marco DeRossi, member of the Board of Directors for Atheist Freethinkers/Libres penseurs athées, entitled “Is Theology Harmful to Humanity?“: On September 20th 2015, the International Association of Free Thought (IAFT), on the occasion of its… Read more »

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