The God Distraction: Introduction

by | September 5, 2017

Over on YouTube, Mr. Deity has been slowly working on a series for the past two years called the God Distraction. The premise is that he doesn’t care if God exists, and neither should you. The ultimate reason we shouldn’t care is because there is no evidence.

When this video was first published 2 years ago, I found it refreshing. It was thoughtful, fast, personal and fun. The recurring theme about how much reliable, repeatable, demonstrable knowledge we have about God is stated plainly and clearly. With mathematical precision.

He compares scientific knowledge to the advances in theological knowledge:

Think about this: after 3,000 years is there anything any theologian can definitively tell us about God that isn’t mere opinion or something shepherds didn’t supposedly know 3,000 years ago?

Every theological innovation is not based on anything demonstrable. Since before Thomas Aquinas to modern theologians, they are simply engaging in thought experiments. ‘If God exists, given what we now know about existence, he must be like this.’ This would be true. If there are any deities at all, and we learn more about the nature of reality, we would also be learning about the limits of those deities. But this assumes a deity of any kind exists. But what if there aren’t any? Then you are just engaging in “a fire-breathing dragon lives in my garage” nonsense.

2 thoughts on “The God Distraction: Introduction

  1. terik ororke

    The evidence is no where as profound as in the human soul, !onging, love, and purpose. This guy is missing the point that he already knows that God is and refuses to stop making himself the center of the universe.


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