An Interview with Ray Zhong — Translator, Amsterdam Declaration

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen You live in Taipei, Taiwan and attended the Taipei Municipal Daan Vocational High School. What is the personal background in humanism for you? I became a humanist because of three things: my father’s religiosity, Isaac Asimov’s writings, and my English. All of them influenced me, one … Continue reading

An Interview with Nabina Maharjan — Secretary/Youth Advisor, Society for Humanism Nepal

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Any family background in humanism? Nabina Maharjan: Most of my family members are Hindu and Buddhist. But at one point, they went beyond religion. I could say they made decisions towards something like humanism. There are lots of non-believer beliefs that family members in my … Continue reading

George Ongere on the Center for Inquiry in Kenya

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Jacobsen: To begin, do you have any prefaces to the conversation today? George Ongere: When I was growing, my mother believed something was wrong with me. I was the only child in the family who could not succeed in cramming the catechism to graduate and eat the … Continue reading

Off the Lazy Path — If You Cannot Find the Community, Then Make One

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  Out of the long history of the rejection of the traditional religious moral frameworks, practices, rituals, and beliefs about the fundamental constituents of the world, humanism bubbled to the surface in pockets in the world’s history, whether schools associated with Charvaka or Lokayata materialist school in India … Continue reading

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