This Week in Religion 2017-11-12

Image Credit: Max Pixel. By Scott Douglas Jacobsen “FREDERICTON — Governor General Julie Payette, who faced criticism for a speech last week that some said mocked people of faith, praised Canada’s tolerance and freedom of religion Tuesday. She told the New Brunswick legislature that Canada is in a fortunate position … Continue reading

News in History: Persecution and Discrimination Against Atheists, Still Relevant

Image Credit: Pixnio. According to Reuters, circa 2012, those who lack formal religion, atheists, or the unbelievers, face bias (Evans, 2012). The bias can manifest in discrimination to outright persecution of atheists. Those atheists in Islamic countries, apparently, face the most brutal treatment by both the government as well as … Continue reading

Irreligiosity in Greek Culture, Angelos Sofocleous

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What are the demographics for humanism in Greece? Because most of the population is Greek Orthodox. Angelos Sofocleous: According to the latest Pew report, 90% of the Greek population identifies themselves as a member of the Greek Orthodox Church. It has to be stressed, however, that many … Continue reading

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