In Conversation with Arifur Rahman – Bangladeshi British Secular Humanist Blogger

  By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Arifur Rahman is a Bangladeshi British Secular Humanist Blogger. Here we explore his own views on Bangladesh and humanistic values. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is the state of humanistic values in Bangladesh? Arifur Rahman: I would say dying, because for humanistic values to flourish you would have to … Continue reading

Supreme Court to Decide Whether Islam Should Remain as the State Religion in Bangladesh While Government Plays Safe

Guest post by Raihan Abir A few days ago, the Daily Mail (UK) published a news item entitled “Bangladesh Considering Abandoning Islam as Its Official Religion Following Wake of Extremist Attacks.” While it reflects the fact that there will be a hearing in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh on the … Continue reading

Canadian “Religious Freedom Advocates Need to Speak Out on Bangladesh Killings”

Paul Fidalgo, communications director for the Center for Inquiry, US, has an article published on Religion News Service (RNS) entitled “Religious Freedom Advocates Need to Speak Out on Bangladesh Killings”: In the past eight months, five people have been hacked to death by Islamic extremists associated with terror groups such as … Continue reading

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