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Weekly Update: to

by | June 10, 2017

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for 3-Jun-2017 to 9-Jun-2017.

Has Bangladesh Lost to Islamism?

by | May 1, 2016

Guest post by Anisur Rahman Bangladesh may not be a big country, either geographically, economically or politically, but it is strategically a significant country as far as religiosity is concerned. It is significant because it sits more or less in the moderate section of the Islamic religiosity, maintaining its own culture, language and tradition, away… Read more »

Dawkins And NECSS: An Update And Some Thoughts

by | February 5, 2016

You can love Richard Dawkins or you can hate him, but you can’t say he’s anything but a gentleman and a scholar. His response to being disinvited as a featured speaker by NECSS (short for Northeast Conference on Science & Skepticism, and pronounced ”Nexus”, which I have to grudgingly admit is sort of clever) is… Read more »

No platform for old men

by | January 28, 2016

This morning I received some sad news…. Richard Dawkins re-tweeted something. Oh boy. Nothing to see here… please move along… Wait, you didn’t know Dawkins was on the twitter? (You’re in for a treat then) Apparently the people at NECSS know, and they do not approve. I’ve been to NECSS and it’s a great place… Read more »

Fighting Theocracy

by | November 6, 2015

The National Post has published an untitled essay by John Robert Gallagher: John Robert Gallagher was a Canadian who volunteered with the Kurdish forces in northern Syria to fight ISIL. He was reportedly killed in a suicide bombing Wednesday. This is an unedited essay [which] may contain content objectionable to some readers but is presented in… Read more »