Interview with the Administrator of “Bengali Ex Muslims Republic”

by | March 13, 2019

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Administrator of the “Bengali Ex Muslims Republic.” Here we talk about their life, work, and views.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What are the main concerns of Bengali ex-Muslims?

Administrator “Bengali Ex Muslims Republic”: Well, the main concern is our safety. As you know, Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country, so people around here really don’t take us easily.

Majority of the people see us as a threat to their religion as we talk about the defects of Islam. For reviewing the different faults of the Quran, we face death threats countless times. So, most of the atheists are forced to hide their identity.

Jacobsen: What are some unique issues face Bengali ex-Muslims compared to others?

Administrator “Bengali Ex Muslims Republic”: The most unique issue we face is being isolated and losing friends for being atheist. Indeed, death threats are a major issue and a unique issue.

Some atheists also have to pretend like they are still religious and fake religious practicing. Parents, sometimes, kick out their children for being atheist. Yes, they get beatings too, freely.

Jacobsen: Why was the Bengali Ex Muslim Republic originally formed?

Administrator “Bengali Ex Muslims Republic”: We originally formed to make people aware of what’s wrong with society, what’s wrong in religions. We use memes to make people aware of how illogical religion can be.

We also debate with people about the facts, and defects and scientific faults of the Quran. Our people also write blogs. Our editors also make different atheist-related graphics, designs, and memes.

Jacobsen: What have been it’s major developments?

Administrator “Bengali Ex Muslims Republic”: Our major development is now people are actually starting to ask questions. For example, now, women know how lowly Islam values women. Women are now asking questions about gender equality in Islam.

Jacobsen: What have been some difficulties and troubles in its foundation?

Administrator “Bengali Ex Muslims Republic”: The major difficulties we faced during the foundation of the page were threats. As I said before, death threats are the common issue for ex-Muslims of Bangladesh.

People really need big guts to found a page like this in a Muslim country. Even the government can turn against us, we could end up in jail, losing our career and family.

Jacobsen: Who are some relevant writers and speakers on the issues of ex-Muslims? Who are some noteworthy Bengali freethinkers in its history?

Administrator “Bengali Ex Muslims Republic”: Asif Mohiuddn. Also, Nur Nobi Dulal and Susupto Pathok. Both are Atheist Bloggers. Nur Nobi Dulal is the founder of a Bengali Freethinking website Istishon – ইস্টিশন.

Lots of young people are actually taking part, but most of the people actually use fake IDs. They really don’t want to take any risk.

HYMAYAN Azad was one of the renowned freethinkers of the history of our country, but sadly he was murdered for speaking out about the cage.

Jacobsen: How can other organization become allies and help Bengali Ex Muslim Republic?

Administrator “Bengali Ex Muslims Republic”: In a country like Bangladesh, we really need help from the internal community and the organisations.

Many people ask help from us, but we ourselves are crippled. Even if we try to help them by organizing a group in real life, we fail due to life-threatening cults. Many people also don’t want speak out for fear of losing their life.

Jacobsen: What are important activist efforts ongoing now? How can others help the organization through donation of time and skills, and connections?

Administrator “Bengali Ex Muslims Republic”: Right now, we need international connection and help. We really can use talented people who can help us to write blogs and make videos. We are always in search of volunteers.

If the international community shows interest in us, this is good. The ex-Muslims of the Muslims countries are the main concern for us. We really hope that soon people will gather around with us, to create a community of freethinkers where there will be no hate, no racism, no gender inequality, and so on.

Jacobsen: Thank you for the opportunity and your time.

Administrator “Bengali Ex Muslims Republic”: Thanks for asking us, we are really happy to get from international community. Actually we were looking for the interest of the international community.

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