Unheard Voices in the Mubarak Bala case

— By Robert Hamilton The dangerous circumstances surrounding atheist and President of the Humanist Association of Nigeria, Mubarak Bala, have risen to broader levels of international attention. Major organizations like the United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner and Amnesty International have been contacted about this case, but, at this point, … Continue reading

Interview with Stefan Paintner of Atheist Refugee Relief

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Stefan Paintner works for Atheist Refugee Relief. Here we learn more about some of the issues and difficulties of refugees, and the manner in which organizations can help support them to safety. This issue, apart from religion, will continue to increase as a problem for many years. … Continue reading

In Conversation with Atheist Republic’s CEO – Allie Jackson

  By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: We have talked before. I wanted to reach out because the Atheist Republic remains the largest atheist Facebook page in the world. As its CEO, you hold power and influence in the international atheist community. Internationally, the population of the formal irreligious … Continue reading

Charlottesville to Kuala Lumpur

  By Scott Douglas Jacobsen The International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organisation (IHEYO) stands in solidarity with the International Humanist and Ethical Union and the American Humanist Association against the white supremacists and Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville. IHEYO also stands in solidarity with the Kuala Lumpur consulate for the Atheist Republic. In … Continue reading

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