Moninuola Komolafe on Irreligion: A Personal Narrative of Nigerian Non-Belief

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Was religion a part of family life? If so, what was a big moment of awakening and leaving the faith? Moninuola Komolafe: Religion was a major part of my family especially because my father owns a church. I began participating in three-day fasts, revivals, and vigils when … Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Calistus Igwilo – President, Atheist Society of Nigeria

— Calistus Igwilo is the President of the Atheist Society of Nigeria, who was kind enough to give an extensive, exclusive interview with me. Here we talk about religious faith, atheism, and religion in Nigeria. — Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Was there a family grounding in religious faith? Calistus Igwilo: I was … Continue reading

Chat with Isaiah Akorita – Head, Media Campaign Team, Atheist Society of Nigeria

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: How did you become an atheist? Isaiah Akorita: I wouldn’t say it was a single day. I was raised in a kind of liberal Christian home and although church attendance was strongly encouraged, I wouldn’t say my family was really fanatic about Christianity. I started having doubts in my … Continue reading

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