Atheistic Humanism and the Media

By Phoebe Davies-Owen and Scott Douglas Jacobsen Humanism encompasses a range of beliefs including the theistic, such as Humanistic Judaism or Unitarian Universalism and the non-theistic, such as atheism, agnosticism, even deism or apatheism. More than a specific set of precepts, humanism is a lifestyle incorporating a worldview. An ethical and … Continue reading

An Interview with Dan Bowman — SMART Recovery Facilitator, SMART Recovery

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Note: Dan is giving this interview as a SMART Recovery facilitator and not as a spokesman for the Veterans Administration.* Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You have an association with SMART Recovery. What is SMART Recovery? What is your relation with it as an entity? Dan Bowman: SMART, Self … Continue reading

A Brief Note on the Vital Need for Humanist Voices

Humanism and ethical culture are not generally known. As many have experienced, anything not mainstream religious is sometimes termed in the atheist camps by vocal minorities of the religious, by default: “atheists,” “non-believers,” “infidels,” and so on. The lack of knowledge and the sometime negative emotional evaluation is a symptom … Continue reading

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