Questions for Catholic Education Week

by | April 24, 2015


During Catholic Education Week 2015, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) and the Ontario Catholic Schools Trustees’ Association (OCSTA) will be “Exploring Paths of Joy” with Catholic students enrolled in Ontario’s Catholic schools.

From May 4 to May 8, students in Ontario’s Catholic schools will be

Walking Together and Sharing [their] Story

Opening the Scriptures

Welcoming Others to the Table

Recognizing Jesus in the Breaking of the Bread

Proclaiming the Good News

The Ontario government spends almost a billion dollars a year to fund Catholic schools, so Catholic teachers and students can indulge in “exploring paths of joy”!

Since all Ontario taxpayers are paying for Catholic Education Week, here are some questions they can ask those responsible for Catholic education:

  • In addition to having the right to opt out of religion classes and events, students have the right to receive proper sex-ed. How can Catholic boards fully teach the province’s new sex-ed curriculum when they intend to subvert it with their own Catholic resources?
  • Will public health nurses, child and youth councillors and school libraries working within the Catholic education system be allowed to provide students the information they deserve?
  • Will priests be summoned to teach human sexuality?
  • Will Catholic schools teach that children born out of wedlock should be given away for adoption?
  • Are Catholic school staff members fired for becoming pregnant out of wedlock?
  • What role do Chaplaincy Leaders play in secondary Catholic schools?
  • Are Chaplaincy Leaders mentioned in Ontario’s curriculum documents?
  • Do these so-called leaders really create lifelong learners and active citizens?
  • If students and teachers really need spiritual advice, shouldn’t they go to church (for free)?

Ask your Catholic school trustees, Catholic school principals, teachers and guidance councillors these questions because taxpayers really want to know the answers.

Please free to submit additional questions in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Questions for Catholic Education Week

  1. Diane Garlick

    “•Will priests be summoned to teach human sexuality?”

    Hilarious irony! 😀

    1. steve oberski

      I think we’ve already had more than enough of catholic priests “teaching” about human sexuality.

      A gander at this document ( should give you some idea as to how the taxpayer funded catholic school board intends to handle the new sex ed curriculum:

      Questions and Answers Regarding TCDSB’s Catholic Equity and Inclusive Education Policy

      1. Has the curriculum in Catholic schools changed with the approval of the Catholic Equity and Inclusive Education Policy?

      The curriculum in TCDSB Catholic schools remains unchanged, and is faithful to Church teachings.

      3. Does the Toronto Catholic District School Board discriminate against students with same sex orientation?

      In Catholic schools, we promote the virtue of chastity, and we teach ALL students about the sanctity of the human body and the sacrament of marriage.

  2. Diane Garlick

    Nice document. 😉

    My adult & atheist daughter chose to go to a Catholic HS back in the day, so I remember well the “sanctity of the human body and the sacrament of marriage.” Led to a lot of “teachable moments” between us. You can’t appreciate how really screwed up these people are till you witness it.

    Gays were severely discriminated against (as were atheists, though my daughter took that as an honor). The poor gay students though…more church abuse!


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