Earth Day Quizzes

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Earth Day:


Take the Google Earth Day: Which animal are you? quiz.

I’m “a honey badger!”



true friends know that they can always call on [me] to scare away lions or fight a king cobra.

Then try the Guardian Earth Day quiz.

5 thoughts on “Earth Day Quizzes

  1. I’m “a honey badger!”

    That puts you in distinguished company – distinguished for what, exactly, I’m not sure. Try not to get thrown out of any conventions, though.

    For the record, Google says I’m a giant squid.

  2. I just read on Jerry Coyne’s site about your lawsuit against prayer in city council meetings. Well done! People who get actually get stuff like this done in the real world just don’t get enough credit. Thank you.

    Locally, our mayor and council was in quite a tizzy because of the Supreme Court ruling. One of our more prominent councillors *actually said* “What’s next? Are they going to ban prayer in churches??”

  3. im a giant squid btw i took it late

  4. #lotsoswag

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