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Dr. Christopher Di Carlo on The Zoomer

by | April 8, 2015

When a producer at The Zoomer contacted CFI Canada about participating in a show taping co-hosted by Conrad Black and Libby Znaimer, the answer had to be “yes”.   How could we not !? Now, we have some final details and I’m very glad that Dr. Christopher Di Carlo has agreed to participate as an Expert Advisor of… Read more »

Saudi Arabia to Quebec: Don’t Meddle

by | April 8, 2015

Saudi Arabia doesn’t like it when other countries object to their human rights violations. When Sweden’s Margo Wallstrom spoke out, they took action to silence her. Now, we learn that Saudi Arabia doesn’t mind sending letters to provincial governments as well! Saudi Arabia seems to do a lot of sabre-rattling, which should be no surprise… Read more »