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Aisyah Tajuddin: Blasphemy’s latest victim?

by | April 1, 2015

2015 has been a terrible, appalling year so far.  In just a few short months, brave outspoken people have been attacked, tortured and murdered time after time around the world.  The list of names, unfortunately, continues to grow. Aisyah Tajuddin is a journalist with an independent radio station in Malaysia who is facing rape and… Read more »

Christopher Karas Court Appearance Starts Today

by | April 1, 2015

Canadian Atheist readers may recall  Christopher Karas from CFI Canada’s ThinkAgain TV interview or from media and blog coverage of his work to challenge his Catholic School Board over his rights as a student. Christopher has informed me that his court appearances start today.  You can learn more about Christopher’s work at his website.

April Fools

by | April 1, 2015

In his March 31, 2015 Globe and Mail article, “We’re Aiding and Abetting Homeopathic Quackery,” André Picard anticipates April 1, 2015:  April Fools’ Day: On April 1, the Ontario Homeopathy Act comes into force. Sadly, this is not an April Fool’s joke. The Ontario Homeopathy Act is not a joke because There is no scientific… Read more »