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God Evolved From Chimpanzee Deity – The Onion

by | April 12, 2015

Just for fun on the Christian sabbath, here is a great article that describes God’s evolution. I love this bit: According to experts, divine life began as a single-celled all-powerful organism roughly 3.6 billion years ago, eventually evolving into a multicelled, sponge-like deity that bobbed and floated across the chaos of the early universe. Kamen… Read more »

Pew study predicts the decline of the Nones, but more likely just doesn’t understand them

by | April 12, 2015

Another major public opinion research group released another major report last week (the first being the Angus Reid Institute’s report on Faith in Canada). This time it was the Pew Research Center, but their report is not another survey. They collected demographic data from 2,500 censuses and large-scale surveys from 175 countries over 6 years,… Read more »