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A Google Doodle is a temporary alteration to the Google logo on the Google search page, usually commemorating some event.

Canadian Atheist 2016

by | December 31, 2015

Today’s Google Doodle shows five colourful birds sitting on a branch. The birds are waiting for an egg wearing a 2016 sash to hatch and mark the beginning of the year 2016. Canadian Atheist would like to mark the beginning of 2016 by giving its readers the opportunity to give their input on what they… Read more »

Happy Canada Day 2015

by | July 1, 2015

Google marks Canada Day 2015 with a Doodle The National Post has a fun quiz: Just in time for Canada Day, Historica Canada (the group that puts out Heritage Minutes) has released the results of a survey on Canadians’ habits and attitudes, revealing that some of our national stereotypes are solidly grounded in fact. Have… Read more »

A Doodle and a Guide for Father’s Day

by | June 21, 2015

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Father’s Day: As well, today, Ian Bushfield retweeted a tweet from the Young Humanists of the British Humanist Association: Parent/Humanist? Download our new publication ‘Does every question need an answer?’  http://younghumanists.org.uk/questions #BHA2015 Just in time for Father’s day, Young Humanists introduces its first publication, Does Every Question Need an Answer? A Guide… Read more »