10 Pseudo-Science Theories

by | June 21, 2014


Esther Inglis-Arkell lists “10 Pseudo-Science Theories We’d Like to See Retired Forever” for io9:

As Inglis-Arkell says,

Pseudo-science theories are a little like puppies. They’re fun, fluffy things to talk about, and most of the time they’re harmless. Sometimes, however, they get big, mean, aggressive, and have to be put down. Here are a few pseudo-science theories that need the Old Yeller treatment.


10. Phrenology
9. Aliens Built the Ancient World
8. The Vaccinations and Autism Hoax
7. Genetic Memory
6. Baby Genius Programs
5. Polygraphy
4. Homeopathy
3. Quantum Mysticism
2. Intelligent Design
1. “Toxins”

The article runs to three pages online because readers are suggesting additions to Inglis-Arkell ‘s list.

Do you have a pseudo-science theory you’s like to see nixed? If so, add it to the comments to this post.

h/t: Cape Breton Atheists, Agnostics, & Skeptics

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