Interview with Professor Kenneth Miller – Professor, Brown University

Interview with Professor Kenneth Miller – Professor, Brown University – by Scott Douglas Jacobsen. Continue reading

Doonesbury Cartoon Wittily Addresses Creationism

An amusing Doonesbury cartoon perfectly captures my way of addressing those who do not accept evolution. I often ask them if they get the flu shot (assuming they aren’t also anti-vaxers). This Scientific American article is also helpful. h/t Jerry Coyne’s Post @ Why Evolution Is True

10 Pseudo-Science Theories

Esther Inglis-Arkell lists “10 Pseudo-Science Theories We’d Like to See Retired Forever” for io9: As Inglis-Arkell says, Pseudo-science theories are a little like puppies. They’re fun, fluffy things to talk about, and most of the time they’re harmless. Sometimes, however, they get big, mean, aggressive, and have to be put … Continue reading

Harper Collins Insists on Filing Religious Book in Science Category

Here is a quick follow up to my post about religious books sneaking into science sections of bookstores. A very nice customer representative called me and told me that they completely agree that the book, Darwin’s Doubt should be filed under Religion and that it will be filed this way … Continue reading

Religious Books Sneaking into Science Sections in Book Stores

Last week I engaged in vigilante book re-categorization at Chapters-Indigo. I moved Stephen Meyer’s book from the Science section to the Religion section. I had written Chapters-Indigo last year (more on this below) and they had agreed to re-categorize the book, so I wasn’t sure what happened at this store … Continue reading

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