“Dear Premier-elect Wynne . . .”

by | June 20, 2014

Allison Killins, whose column, “In All Honesty,” appears every other Friday in Peterborough This Week, has written an open letter to premier-elect Wynne, which outlines Killins’ “wish list for Ontario.”

In her open letter, Killins tells Wynne

I want people to know the value of work and feel the pride of supporting their families.

I want living wages for people so they don’t have to rely on the government or turn to crime.

I want you to see the impacts of poverty and under/unemployment on our communities.

I want investment in our healthcare system from birth to death.

I want to ensure our elderly, those who have sacrificed for our way of life, are treated better than those who have opted for a life of crime.

and asks Wynne to

Please cut out duplication and waste. As a former Ontario Public Service employee, I encountered many hard-working and dedicated employees who could be trained to perform tasks that are currently being filled by outside consultants at sometimes twice or three times the cost. . . . Last-minute, reactionary programming costs Ontarians more.

However, did you notice that Killins didn’t include publicly funding Ontario Catholic schools in her request for Wynne to “cut out duplication and waste”?  Isn’t Killins aware of the fact that

Over $1 billion per year wasted on unnecessary overlap and duplication in the school system, while our truly essential services suffer inadequate funding, civil servants face wage and benefit austerity, and hydro rates soar. . .

Yes,  Wynne should cut out duplication and waste by creating one school system for each official language.

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  1. Ultra

    “Yes, Wynne should cut out duplication and waste by creating one school system.”



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