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Why I Am An Atheist

by | June 18, 2014

Why I Am An Atheist – by Michael Willems (Repost of article of Nov 3, 2013) Michael Willems (left; pictured here with Penn Gillette, right) is a Dutch-born, English-schooled engineer, traveller, and since several years ago, full-time photographer and educator. He shoots worldwide and teaches at Sheridan College and in his own school, http://learning.photography. After… Read more »

Catholic Apologist Explains Catholic Schools

by | June 18, 2014

Catholic apologist and academic Christian Elia appeared on Sun News Network’s June 17th  episode of Holy War to discuss/debate “prostitution, Catholic teachers in Pride, and more” with secularist Justin Trottier.  In an answer to a question from Michael Coren, Elia attempted to explain and justify Catholic schools: The reason why we still have a Catholic… Read more »

CFI Canada Announces “Health and Wellness Check Up”

by | June 18, 2014

Centre for Inquiry Canada has launched a new campaign under its Consumer Education and Advocacy banner: Centre for Inquiry Canada has launched Health and Wellness Check Up – See more at: http://centreforinquiry.ca/consumer-protection-and-advocacy/#sthash.EcXznDuL.dpuf The words health and wellness are often code words for pseudo-medical remedies created to replace medically proven treatments for minor and major diseases.… Read more »