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Pierre Trudeau Is Canada’s #1 Hero

by | June 19, 2014

The Harper government commissioned a poll to name Canada’s greatest heroes and after 12000 people completed an online survey, Pierre Trudeau ended up at #1. Ouch, that must’ve stung a bit as Trudeau is no hero among conservatives; David Frum is particularly critical and sees Trudeau as someone who left Canada in debt & isolated from… Read more »

My life as a “misogynist”

by | June 19, 2014

By Jackson Doughart Normally, personal attacks are easily pushed aside as ad hominem, as Veronica Abbass’s article today on yours truly here might well be. But seeing as how she’s responding to my own piece in the Prince Arthur Herald about Heather Mallick, which is indeed a critique of a person and takes liberty with… Read more »

“Heather Mallick’s Misandry” Really

by | June 19, 2014

Jackson Doughart has “no opinion” on prostitution laws, but he does have an opinion on Heather Mallick. In an article for the Prince Arthur Herald entitled “Heather Mallick’s Misandry,” Doughart claims he’s not here to discuss the bill, but rather to point out Mallick’s heartless characterization of men, which undergirds her belief in punishing johns… Read more »