Humanists Should Value Privacy and Security

Humanism aims for the full development of all people. To that end, I think all Humanists should intensely value privacy and security, including internet security. Privacy is the ability to keep things to yourself, like a journal, or only to people who should access it, like communication between you and … Continue reading

“Oh Friar, damned souls use the word banishment to describe hell.”

Scott Douglas Jacobsen There is a new course on the block on the cognitive science of religion (edX, 2017; The Ubyssey, 2017). It comes riding the wave of the Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC, movement continuing to make inroads into the alternate-to-Academia educational route, i.e. more affordable, more points … Continue reading

Do 43% of Canadians really think science is “a matter of opinion”?

There is a survey getting a lot of hype in the media now, widely reported under headlines like “43 Percent of Canadians Say Science Is a ‘Matter of Opinion’”. Given that 100 percent of science headlines in the media are misrepresentions, what’s really going on here?

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