Interview with René Grigori: Media Liaison (Spokesperson), Southern California Chapter of The Satanic Temple

René Grigori is the Media Liaison (Spokesperson), Southern California Chapter of The Satanic Temple. Here we highlight the work and activities of the Southern California Chapter of The Satanic Temple. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is the story of coming to TST for you? René Grigori: I was born into, and … Continue reading

Interview with Sadia Hameed – Spokesperson, Council of Ex Muslims of Britain

— By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Sadia Hameed is an ex-Muslim and human rights activist focused on women’s rights in particular. She is a Spokesperson for the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain. She grew up in Oxford. She lost faith at age 15. Her brother was bullied for speaking out as an … Continue reading

Interview with Moses Klein – Spokesperson, Humanist Association of Toronto

— By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Moses Klein is a Spokesperson for the Humanist Association of Toronto Here we talk about the community of humanists in the largest city in Canadian society. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What was personal and family background regarding culture, geography, language, and religion or lack thereof? Moses Klein: My … Continue reading

Interview with George Martin – Spokesperson, Anonymous for the Voiceless

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen George Martin is a Spokesperson for Anonymous for the Voiceless. Here we talk about Anonymous for the Voiceless. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Although, the organization is an anonymous-oriented one. I will still ask if you’re willing. What was family and personal background? What is the story there?George Martin: … Continue reading

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