Andrew Copson on the History of Humanism

— By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: I wanted to talk about humanism: the hows and whys, the theoretical and practical, and so on. You are highly qualified to comment on it. So, I asked. You agreed. So here we are, to begin, what is humanism properly defined in its … Continue reading

Clovis Munezero on Fleeing Burundi, Being a Refugee, and Being a Nonbeliever

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You are Burundian, but have fled, recently. Why? Clovis Munezero: I am Burundian, but recently I have fled my country. When I saw that my life was in danger, my friends were killed; my companions jailed, some of my family disappeared and others imprisoned; I … Continue reading

In Conversation with Professor Sarah Wilkins-LaFlamme on Secularism, Religion, and Atheism

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobson: Let’s start as James Lipton says, to begin at the beginning. Sarah Wilkins LaFlamme: Oh boy. Jacobsen: What was a family background regarding major variables such as geography, culture, language, and religion if any? LaFlamme: So, I’m originally from the Pontiac region of Quebec, … Continue reading

Suzanna Mason on the Anglican Faith, Politics, and Natural Philosophy

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen The Anglican Faith Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is the modern Anglican faith? What does it mean to you? Suzanna Mason: The origins of Anglicanism start with a Catholic named Henry VIII, who was the King of England. He was famous for having lots and lots of wives. He … Continue reading

Bishop George Kuhn on the Catholic Universalist Church of the Philippines

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: How did you become a Catholic Universalist? Bishop George Kuhn: became a Universalist in my early teens having heard a sermon by a Roman Catholic priest I admired a lot. I questioned him about it and he made it clear that eventually all would … Continue reading

Skeptic Meditations Founder on the Reliance on External Authority

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott is the Founder of Skeptic Meditations. He speaks from experience in entering and leaving an ashram. Here we talk about the reliance on external authority. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: With regards to the tactics to keep members in a cult-like organization, what seem like the more prominent … Continue reading

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