In Conversation with Professor Colleen MacQuarrie on Abortion Rights Activism

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Professor Colleen MacQuarrie is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Prince Edward Island. Also, she is a media contact for the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada. Here we talk about abortion rights activism. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You have worked in … Continue reading

In Conversation with Arifur Rahman – Bangladeshi British Secular Humanist Blogger

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Arifur Rahman is a Bangladeshi British Secular Humanist Blogger. Here we explore his own views on Bangladesh and humanistic values. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is the state of humanistic values in Bangladesh? Arifur Rahman: I would say dying, because for humanistic values to flourish you would have to accept … Continue reading

“Like a lot of Unitarians, my path is a winding one.”

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  Gil Leclair is the Treasurer of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Lethbridge Alberta. Here he gives a little insight into a small UU community. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What was religious upbringing?  Gil Leclair: I was born in a French Canadian village in southern Manitoba where most people were Roman Catholic. … Continue reading

In Conversation with Dr. Ellen Wiebe – Physicians Advisory Council, Dying With Dignity Canada

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Dr. Ellen Wiebe is a Clinical Professor at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Family Practice with over 30 years of full-service family practice. She developed Hemlock Aid, is on the Physicians Advisory Council for Dying With Dignity Canada, and the Medical Director of … Continue reading

Ibrahim Abdallah on Muslimish

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Ibrahim Abdallah is the co-founder of Muslimish. In this interview, he discusses his stance on religion, how Muslimish facilitates a safe environment for Muslims and ex-Muslims, blasphemy laws and threats to free speech. *This interview has been edited for clarity.* Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is your current stance towards religion? … Continue reading

In Conversation with Lita Bablitz on a Two-Tier Education System

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You have been in some of the Canadian news cycle over blogging what you term a two-tier system with some educational provisions inaccessible to families with tight budgets. The province made an announcement about cuts to school fees, especially with two sons riding on the … Continue reading

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