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Assisted Dying Will Not Lead to Social Disintegration

by | May 12, 2016

Guest post by Stuart Chambers In a recent op-ed, Dr. Rabbi Reuven P. Bulka asserts that acceptance of medical assistance in dying (MAID) leads to societal breakdown.  In fact, Rabbi Bulka fears that Canadian society will collapse if it fails to enforce a communally driven moral code, preferably one imbued with religious values.  However, Bulka’s… Read more »

Has Bangladesh Lost to Islamism?

by | May 1, 2016

Guest post by Anisur Rahman Bangladesh may not be a big country, either geographically, economically or politically, but it is strategically a significant country as far as religiosity is concerned. It is significant because it sits more or less in the moderate section of the Islamic religiosity, maintaining its own culture, language and tradition, away… Read more »

Existentialism, Humanism, and Addiction

by | April 26, 2016

Guest post by Liz Greene I know a lot of people who struggle with addiction. I know alcoholics, prescription pain-killer junkies, and former heroin addicts. I have addicts for close friends and addicts in my family. With addiction being such a widespread force in my life, I’ve found myself questioning the choices of others —… Read more »

Reflections on the Sanders Campaign: Implications for the Left

by | April 25, 2016

Guest post by Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson I would vote for Bernie Sanders. It’s not just that he stands for universal education, real Medicare, racial equality, reduced income inequality, and action on climate change. It’s that he knows where he sits on the political spectrum. Have you noticed that when he describes himself as a democratic… Read more »

Indigenous Science – Other Ways of Knowing?,

by | April 23, 2016

Guest post by Derek Gray Last week I listened to the CBC Radio program, Unreserved, hosted by Rosanna Dearchild. In her interview with indigenous doctor Marcia Anderson DeCoteau, I was a little shocked to learn that I may be an epistemic racist. I had to transcribe the controversial parts of the interview myself, as they… Read more »