Jesus Christ! ARPA and the Canadian Government

by | July 23, 2014

Updated @10:47 EDT


It seems that the Canadian government is not only planning to erect a monument to the victims of communism because

Ideologically, communism might be dead — tossed on the trash heap of history, to recast Karl Marx’s famous phrase — but its victims won’t be forgotten, at least in the national capital.

according to, the Office of the Prime Minister and an MP share contact information with the Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada, an association whose goal is

Equipping Christians with the tools they need to be a light in Canadian politics.

ARPA’s phone number is the same as the phone number for Ottawa Office of the MP for Chatham-Kent-Essex, Dave Van Kesteren: 613-992-2612.  ARPA’s fax number is the same as the fax number for the Office of the Prime Minister: 613-941-6900.

More investigation is needed; for now, this information is provided for you by Canadian Atheist, whose goal is equipping the non-religious with the tools they need to be aware of and combat religion in Canadian politics.

6 thoughts on “Jesus Christ! ARPA and the Canadian Government

  1. Peter E.

    Turns out that the fax numbers are not the same. ‘Zoominfo’ has had it wrong since 2011 and even though ARPA has been aware of it since then, they haven’t bothered to correct it. Odd that.

    1. Veronica Abbass Post author

      Peter E

      Please see update 10:47 EDT

      “‘Zoominfo’ has had it wrong since 2011 and even though ARPA has been aware of it since then, they haven’t bothered to correct it.”

      How do you know this?

      1. Peter E.

        This latest query into the connection between these misguided souls* and the Harper cartel started a day or two ago when a member of a Facebook group which is dedicated to unseating Harper, and one that I happen to be a member of, came across the zoominfo page for ARPA and recognized the fax number.

        Here is more information on the infiltration of our government by ARPA and other wing nuts:

        Here is a response from ARPA in regards to that article:

        I’ll get back to you on the fax number claim.

  2. Randy

    The Communists were our allies against the Japanese and the Nazis in WWII.

    Further, Canada still has federal Communist and Marxist-Leninist parties, both of whom often run candidates in elections in my area.

    So how is it legal for Canada’s government to erect a monument which is essentially a defamation of an entire idea, and two minority political parties?

    The victims of capitalism of course need no monument… you can see them on the street.

    And what about the communist victims of Islam, in Indonesia, one of the 20th-century’s largest mass slaughters, and nobody even talks about it?

    1. Tim Underwood

      According to ‘THE GREAT ND HOLY WAR’ not only are the antagonistic Abrahamic religions responsible for the First World War but the First World War was responsible for the creation of totalitarian communism and fascism.

      I’m in the process of reading this anniversary account of the causes of the war and I am only about a third of the way through it. If the revelations continue as they have, it seems to me that Stephen Harper better get ready to construct monuments to the many, many, many victims of monotheism.


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