Daily Archives: July 22, 2014

Save The Whales (For The Enjoyment Of The Good People Of Vancouver)

by | July 22, 2014

Evictions are all the rage in Vancouver these days. The city tried to evict some homeless people from a park, leading “some members of a local First Nation” to try to evict the city from, well, the city. Meanwhile, concerned citizens have been trying to evict the resident cetaceans – two beluga whales and two… Read more »

Canadian Federal Government Creating Memorial to Communism’s Victims

by | July 22, 2014

Our Federal government is actually spending money on erecting a monument to the victims of communism. I find this absurd. I know I find it absurd because my first reaction, upon hearing it announced on CBC this morning, was to laugh out loud. I guess that was my System 1 reaction; what follows is my System 2… Read more »