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Teen and Mother File Complaint with Human Rights Commission Over Abstinence Based Sex Ed Course

by | July 13, 2014

Alberta was in the news recently when a doctor refused to prescribe birth control pills to her patients and now one of Alberta’s schools, McNally High School, is in the news for outsourcing their Career and Life Management course to Pregnancy Care Centre, a group linked to an American anti-abortion group, Care-Net. You can guess what type… Read more »

Recommended Reading

by | July 13, 2014

Canadian Michele Ketzmerick’s book, I Married an Atheist . . . Thank God!, has a catchy title and deals with a serious subject: When Michele found herself facing the possibility of a life-threatening medical diagnosis, she suddenly realized that, for someone with a supposedly sturdy faith, she was terrified of death, of heaven, and of… Read more »

Physicians and the Ontario Human Rights Code

by | July 13, 2014

UPDATE:  If the highlighted link at “Complete a brief online survey concerning the current policy” results in the message “Thanks for completing this survey,” it’s because I already completed the survey. Go to http://policyconsult.cpso.on.ca/?page_id=3403 to access the survey. This year, physicians in Ottawa and Calgary have been in the news for refusing to prescribe birth… Read more »