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Religion: “It’s Just a Waste of Time”

by | August 30, 2014

Update: After this post was published, I discovered from a Toronto Star article that Carolyn Borgstadt, who is Catholic, got an exemption for her son, Cameron: On Friday, after notifying the board her son had never been baptized and she is not a separate school supporter, Borgstadt learned the Durham Catholic District School Board will… Read more »

Susan Blackmore Talks About Memes

by | August 27, 2014

Various atheist blogs recently drew attention to British intellectual Susan Blackmore’s account of giving a lecture at an Oxford-based institution that “hosts groups of several hundred 17-18 year-olds for two weeks of classes”. She was speaking about memes, a term coined by Richard Dawkins to refer to ideas whose tendency to spread among human minds… Read more »

Inclusiveness: Toronto Dominion Bank, LGBT and Atheists

by | August 26, 2014

A few months back, in March, I wrote about an unpleasant interaction between American Atheists and TD Bank when a notary at the Toronto Dominion Bank in Cranford, New Jersey had refused to notarize documents for American Atheists when she learned what American Atheists does. The notary informed them that she could not sign the documents because of… Read more »

If it’s not science, it’s crap

by | August 26, 2014

Richard Dawkins and twitter are the fun, there is no doubt about that. Most recently he stated that failing to abort a Downs Syndrome fetus was immoral. Oh boyo. Now, I actually agree with him on one level. A fetus is not a person. So he is not advocating the extermination of any people. And… Read more »