When tradition equals death

by | May 14, 2014

I think being sensitive to other peoples culture is a good way to be, generally…. but this just makes me mad….

Now, the family has taken additional steps to protect their rights and Makayla’s rights to use culturally appropriate alternative medicines.

Fuck your right to watch your child die, in the traditional way.

2 thoughts on “When tradition equals death

  1. billybob

    One comment.

    What kind of ASSHOLE lets a child die for their superstitions.

    1. Theo Bromine

      This is an often minimized danger of religious belief – If people think that they (and their kids) have immortal souls, and that their obedience to the perceived dictates of their deities determines their fate for eternity, the obvious choice (for them) is to do what is good for eternity, even at the expense of what might be good temporaly.


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