Former Staff Sue Florida Spa that Treated First Nations Girls with Cancer

Remember the Aboriginal girls suffering from leukaemia whose parents ceased their chemotherapy treatment to instead pursue alternative treatments at the Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) in Florida (see posts here and here)? Two former HHI employees claim they were fired because they documented that they were being asked to do illegal things … Continue reading

An Aboriginal Perspective on the Decision to Take 11-Year-Old Girl Off Chemo in Favour of Traditional Medicine

—- Update: I was confused about two related cases. It is Makayla Sault who had the fundamentalist Christian parents. The CBC show, White Coat, Black Art did a show on her case which is identical to this girl’s as she is an Aboriginal child with leukaemia whose parents stopped her treatment in favour of receiving … Continue reading

When tradition equals death

I think being sensitive to other peoples culture is a good way to be, generally…. but this just makes me mad…. Now, the family has taken additional steps to protect their rights and Makayla’s rights to use culturally appropriate alternative medicines. Fuck your right to watch your child die, in … Continue reading

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