Privacy bullies

by | May 14, 2014

The world is changing, we are, more and more able to express ourselves and be seen by the multitudes. That demands we change the times, but also that we watch where we step.

But some have warned that C-13 would allow organizations to disclose personal information without a court order. The disclosures would also be kept secret from the people whose information is being shared.

Privacy is about security of person as well.

One thought on “Privacy bullies

  1. billybob

    Hey get a VPN for the internet, try the VPN Private Internet Access (6.95 month). You can sign up anonomously using a gift card. Use for an email account.

    Their servers seem quite good and they keep no logs of who was connected to their server. Very difficult to connect you to an ip address.

    Also you can pick a server in the country you want for Netfix etc.

    For a list of VPNs go to, some encrypt
    all traffic!

    Also you can use the Tor network but it is slow. Or both for very very confidential stuff.

    If we all did this “big brother” would be screwed.


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