Interview with Will Lane on Personal Background, Brexit, and the UK

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Will Lane is a Contributor to Conatus News. Here we talk about Brexit, the UK, progressive politics, and more. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is your own background in religion, or not, and progressive politics? How did you get your start in it? Will Lane: I am an atheist, and … Continue reading

Benjamin David on How His Abusive Childhood Motivated Him to get involved in Human Rights Activism

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Benjamin David is the Founder of Conatus News and a Writer, Designer, Photographer, Artist, and Marketer on various platforms. Here we talk about his life, struggles, progressive activism, and how to unify activists. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: How was life for you growing up? Benjamin David: Born into a very working class … Continue reading

In Conversation with Lucas Lynch – Editor-in-Chief, Conatus News

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  Lucas Lynch is the Editor-in-Chief of Conatus News. He trained in physics at Harvard University and has an affinity for Christopher Hitchens. I did not know his story, felt curious, and so reached out in order to find out more about him. Here is the result. Scott … Continue reading

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