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Progressive secularism

by | December 2, 2019

By Ian Bushfield — This past weekend while we enjoyed sunny blue skies in Vancouver, 20,000 atheists, humanists, and freethinkers gathered in Washington, DC for a rainy Reason Rally. The speaker’s list was a veritable who’s who of the New Atheist movement, with Richard Dawkins, Tim Minchin, and Adam Savage taking the stage. But what interests… Read more »

Interview with Giovanni Gaetani on the Graphic Manifest of Intersectional Humanism

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Giovanni Gaetani is the Growth and Development Officer of Humanists International, and the Creator of the Graphic Manifest of Intersectional Humanism. Here we talk about the recent work of the Graphic Manifest of Intersectional Humanism. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Out of Italy or in Italian online, you have the new Graphic Manifest of… Read more »

Interview with Will Lane on Personal Background, Brexit, and the UK

by | April 9, 2018

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Will Lane is a Contributor to Conatus News. Here we talk about Brexit, the UK, progressive politics, and more. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is your own background in religion, or not, and progressive politics? How did you get your start in it? Will Lane: I am an atheist, and apart from a brief period… Read more »

Interview with Theoretical Physicist, Professor Jim Al-Khalili

by | March 16, 2018

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Professor Jameel Sadik “Jim” Al-Khalili OBE is a British theoretical physicist, author and broadcaster. He is currently Professor of Theoretical Physics and Chair in the Public Engagement in Science at the University of Surrey. How did you become an activist and a scientist, and science communicator? I think it’s fair to say… Read more »